Great House Terrace 1400

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Step into a world of enchantment at The Tryall Club’s extraordinary wedding spaces, where dreams take flight amid natural beauty and timeless elegance. Selecting the space for your wedding day is a very important step in planning your wedding. Our Event Curator will accompany you on a captivating journey through our meticulously curated and breathtaking event spaces to help you select the perfect location for your enchanting celebration of love. From intimate ceremonies to grand affairs, each venue is meticulously designed to reflect your unique love story, while our dedicated team ensures every detail is flawlessly executed. Elevate your special day to extraordinary heights and create cherished memories that will linger in your heart forever at The Tryall Club’s exclusive wedding venues.

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Great House Lawn 900

Capacity 120 people

Great House Lawn & TERRACE

Where Timeless Elegance Meets Eternal Love: The Tryall Club’s Great House Lawn

Celebrate your love in timeless elegance on the Great House Lawn at the magnificent 19th-century Great House, the crown jewel of the renowned Tryall Club, and an integral part of Jamaica’s rich heritage. As you step onto the grounds of this historic venue, you will be transported to a bygone era of charm and grandeur. Nestled atop a scenic hill, the Great House Lawn offers an unrivaled panoramic view of the mesmerizing ocean and the golf course, stretching majestically from west to east. Imagine exchanging your vows against this breathtaking backdrop, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Capacity 200 people

Reville Lawn

Say ‘I Do’ in Paradise: Your Dream Destination Wedding on The Tryall Club’s Beach Cafe Lawn

Imagine a wedding ceremony where turquoise waters gently caress pristine sandy shores, and swaying palm trees provide the perfect backdrop for your love story. Welcome to The Tryall Club’s Reville Lawn, an idyllic destination wedding venue that promises to make your special day an unforgettable tropical affair. The Reville Lawn is a paradise of natural beauty. With the sparkling Caribbean Sea stretching endlessly before you, it’s a picture-perfect canvas for your romantic union. The gentle sea breeze and golden sunsets add an enchanting touch to your celebration, creating a magical atmosphere that will leave your guests in awe.

Quiet Beach Lawn2 900
Beach Club Lawn 900

Capacity 300 people

Beach Club & Lawn

Unveil the Magic: Your Unforgettable Destination Wedding at The Tryall Club’s Beach Club Lawn

Escape to a captivating oasis where the allure of the Caribbean Sea meets the charm of Jamaica’s coastal elegance. Welcome to The Tryall Club’s Beach Club Lawn, an extraordinary destination wedding venue and event space that promises to transform your special day into an enchanting celebration of love and splendor. Immerse yourself in a seamless blend of luxury and nature as you exchange vows on the Beach Club Lawn. Our venue effortlessly fuses contemporary sophistication with the island’s lush surroundings, creating a mesmerizing ambiance that will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.

Capacity 20 people

Beach Gazebo

Enchantment Awaits: Say ‘I Do’ at The Tryall Club’s Beach Gazebo

Step into a world where romance finds its perfect stage and vows are exchanged amidst the captivating dance of ocean waves. Welcome to The Tryall Club’s Beach Gazebo, a mesmerizing destination wedding venue and event space located at the end of the pier, offering a spellbinding experience of love and celebration. The Tryall Club’s Beach Gazebo offers a seaside haven where love’s essence is embraced by magical ocean views. Imagine basking in the warmth of the sun as it paints the horizon with hues of gold, creating a breathtaking backdrop for your wedding that will leave you and your guests feeling awe-inspired.

Gazebo Venue 900


Our wedding team are here to help you create the perfect, memorable occasion at our world class wedding space in Montego Bay, Jamaica.