Tryall Lots

There are currently seven Lots for sale. Upon purchase of a Lot, the US$100,000 initiation fee will apply. Annual membership dues are not required until villa construction is completed or 12 months after closing the purchase of the Lot, whichever date occurs first.

The construction season runs from 20 April until 17 December; no audible external work is permitted during the peak winter season. We are happy to recommend architects, interior designers and contractors who have had a long standing relationship with the Club.

LOT30 – 4.49 acres

Located on Ocean View Drive and across from Harmony Hill, this is a Lot that will afford sea view and could be combined with Lots 38 and 39 to create one large Lot of 9.49 acres

$720,000 Enquire Now


LOT38 -2.29 acres

Accessed either from Mahogany Drive or Ocean View Drive, Lot 38 is across from Jubilation and above Coo Yah. The Lot does not have a sea view.

$365,000 Enquire Now


LOT39 -2.71 acres

Accessed from Mahogany Drive and bordering Infinity to the west, Lot 39 could be combined with Lot 38 to create one parcel of 5 acres. This Lot does not have a sea view.

$425,000 Enquire Now


LOT 51 – 10 acres

To the south and with the highest elevation at Tryall, this Lot has unobstructed 360 degree views north, south, west and east with an unparalleld ocean view. At the summit is a saddle with good flat land and considerable ancient limstone formations. There are many good trees including an approxinately 200 year old silk cotton tree.

$1.5 million Enquire Now


LOT 49 – 5.045 acres and Lot 50 5.009 acres

On a ridge just below Lot 51, these elevated Lots which are above Zion Hill and Villa Lolita commands fabulous ocean views

$800,000 each Enquire Now


LOT 28 – 3.63 acres

To the East of Zion Hill on Ocean View Drive, this Lot has extensive level land which has been mostly cleared

$576,000 Enquire Now
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