Lunch in the Organic Garden

Tucked away at the end of Calypso Way and neatly surrounded by a picket fence, plantains and banana is our Organic Garden. Here, under the watchful eyes of Eric and Mark, we grow a variety of produce for use in the Beach Café and Great House Restaurant.

Carefully selected organic seeds are sown in trays in what is the tropical version of a green house. Once germinated and established, they are carefully planted out in the wood-frame boxes of the garden. Naturally, we concentrate on what grows best in the heat of a tropical climate and the combination of sunshine, showers and daily watering using water from our natural spring ensures a rapid harvest.

Amongst the crops grown are several varieties of lettuce leaves; arugula which delivers a particularly invigorating peppery punch; callaloo – both red and green; spinach, bulb fennel; four types of tomato; bell peppers as well as Chinese peppers; cucumber, zucchini; sorrel and a great many herbs including several varieties of basil.

Such mouth-watering surroundings are a perfect complement to dining; upon request, we are delighted to offer lunch under the shade of a bamboo canopy in the Organic Garden. Needless to say, the menus make full use of what is growing around you together with choices that celebrate the ocean as well as what is reared on our fertile Jamaican land.

A minimum of eight persons is required and a maximum of twenty persons can be accommodated.