Beach Restaurant and Beach Grill

Relaxed and informal

Relaxed and informal and located right beside the sea, the Beach Restaurant and Bar is open for both lunch as well as dinner.

The menus incorporate the fresh produce grown in our organic garden. Irrigated by water from our own mountain spring, the organic garden is tended by two specialized agricultural staff. It grows a wide variety of salad leaves, herbs, arugula, tomatos and other vegetables. 

We source our organic meats, particularly pork and chicken from Kew Park, an 18th century working farm in the neighbouring parish of Westmoreland and our eggs and dairy produce are delivered from an owner-run farm in our parish of Hanover.

Tryall is blessed with over fifteen species of fruit trees in profusion and these too are harvested into the fare that we offer. Mango season offers the chance to sample several different types of mango – there are fourteen at Tryall –  and the strange looking sour-sop fruits make a delcious, extremely healthy smoothie or sorbet.

The Beach Grill and piazza is located directly above the beach. It offers renowned Jamaican dishes such as jerk pork and jerk chicken as well as salads and burgers. It also has a pizza oven, where Marco, our Pizzaiolo Chef bakes fresh pizza which can also be delivered to the villas.

Across from the Grill is the Beach Bar virtually right on the sands of our main beach.

We offer a full beach service for both bar as well as food requirements.


“I can’t really live outside Jamaica.
I can be away, but only for a while.”
Usain Bolt