Our Community

Supporting the people who make a difference – our people

At the Tryall Club we take our commitment to Jamaica and in particular our own parish, Hanover, very seriously. In 2002, the Tryall Sports Club was founded, using sport as a means by which to bring our family of employees closer together.

Throughout the year there are numerous activities such as the Sport’s Day and hugely popular Departmental League Football Challenge. The matches are very popular with villa guests who congregate down at the sport’s field to cheer their villa staff team on.

By being part of the Club, help is available for those employees in need. The Club has donated furniture, appliances and even raised funds to rebuild the house of one member. We also extend our efforts into the wider community of Hanover, our parish and home to many of our team and in doing this, we have helped them to help their own local community. Schools and playgrounds have been repaired, social events have been organized for the elderly and we have helped to care for and feed those who are homeless.