The Course

An enduring legacy for the modern golfer

The very best golf courses are more than just a series of greens and holes. They blend and assimilate with their environment, using natural features to provide unique challenges to the player. Ours is just such a course.

One of Tryall’s most enduring features, the 18-hole, 6836-yard course is the work of celebrated golf course designer Ralph Plummer. Plummer, who worked on over 100 courses during his 40-year career, created an amazing course for Tryall.

He added features where there were none, without creating clutter and distractions. He worked with the terrain, locating holes across the gently rolling hills for contrast with the earlier flatter holes. Water features, just the right amount of bunkers and crosswinds add to the intrigue.

Today’s golfer will never lose interest in a round at Tryall, thanks to Plummer’s work. The seventh hole incorporates the aqueduct that supplied the sugar plantation’s waterwheel – you play your shot right through the aqueduct’s stone pillars. The challenge of the wind is ever present, demanding concentration and careful assessment of your next shot.

We haven’t allowed Plummer’s legacy to stifle development. For the 1992 Johnnie Walker Championship we added a fourth hole in true Plummer style, incorporating the ocean and the Flint River. Now we have a course that flows down to the sea and then, eight holes later, rises to 180 feet. New tees have been discreetly incorporated, further improving on the design.

Technically challenging, beautiful to look at and never overcrowded, Tryall’s golf course is one of the Caribbean’s finest.


“When I die, bury me on the golf course so my husband will visit”