Covid-19 Protocol

Covid-19 Protocol

While all of our lives have changed since the Covid-19 pandemic, we can still do some of the things we are used to doing. The Tryall Club has worked diligently to implement the safety standards recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and enforced by the government of Jamaica.

Here is what to expect when you are planning to visit Jamaica and The Tryall Club.

What you must do before travelling to Jamaica

Since June 15, 2020 everyone travelling to Jamaica must receive a Travel Authorization. Residents 12 years old and over of USA, Brazil, Dominica Republic, Mexico and Panama must present a negative Covid-19 PCR or Antigen test. This requirement extends to April 15, 2021. For details on Travel Authorizations, go to

What if I test positive for Covid-19 because I had the virus but am no longer Contagious?

Medical doctors say up to 40% of persons who tested positive for Covid-19 will still test positive at three (3) weeks. It can take months before a negative test is received. We suggest, for those persons who may fall within this category that documentation from your medical practitioner outlining all details is obtained, so that they may be presented to the local authorities. Please ensure that this specific question is asked when applying for your Travel Authorization. Full disclosure will determine whether Authorization is granted or not to travel to the island.

When you arrive in Jamaica

Protocols are fully implemented at the international airports. You will arrive at the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay where you will go through Immigration and Customs. Once you exit the Customs Hall, the Tryall Club Airport Desk – Desk #20 - will be located to the left within the Ground Transportation Hall. You will be greeted by our airport representative, wearing a mask. The representative will have you sanitize, verify your name/s on the Arrival List and then escort you to your waiting private hotel transfer. Our vehicles are sanitized between transfers and your driver, who will also be wearing a mask, will ask that you sanitize prior to entering the vehicle.

When you arrive at The Tryall Club

At the main gate of the property, our security guard will do a temperature check of all the occupants within the vehicle. Once all is well, the vehicle will be granted access and you will be transported to the Great House for check in. At the Lobby, our Bell Man will welcome you and remove your bags which will then be sanitized. As you enter the Front Desk area, the sanitization station will prompt you to sanitize prior to entering. Most villa arrivals proceed directly to their booked villa for a private check-in there. If villa guests are checked in at the Front Desk, they will be transferred to their villa thereafter.

Your Villa Arrival and Welcome

The Villa team will be excited to welcome you and serve you during your stay. You will truly experience a home away from home while you are with us! All the villa team will greet you on your arrival to your villa home. As you enter, all persons will be required to do a temperature check and be asked to sanitize. Temperature checks will be done twice daily during your stay. Your temperature will be noted and…your vacation will officially begin!

Club Protocols

During your stay, you will notice that there are sanitization stations across the entire property, and particularly in high traffic areas. It is mandatory for staff to wear masks while in common areas and guests are required to do the same. Our food outlets now only use QR codes for menus and, our Watersports team ensures that equipment is sanitized prior to opening, and after each use.

Antigen and PCR Testing

It is our intention to make all aspects of our guests’ vacation as relaxed and carefree as possible. While PCR and Antigen testing has unfortunately become our new world norm, we have made the process as easy and convenient as possible for our guests who need to be tested prior to returning home. The Tryall Club has short-listed doctors who will do private in-villa tests. The turnaround time for Antigen tests is approximately one (1) hour and, for PCR tests, 48 hours should be expected. Both tests are within USD200.

What If I have a Positive Covid-19 result before departing Tryall Club?

In the unlikely event that a guest should test positive for Covid-19, we have put in place a few measures.

Villa quarantine: there are select villas which will be available for quarantine should this be a necessity, at a special compassionate rate to guests. If the resident villa is one of the select quarantine villas and does not have a scheduled arrival, the guest may opt to use that villa for quarantine.

Are there any other costs associated with Villa quarantine?
All the villa staff will have to be immediately evacuated and tested.
*The tests for the staff will be charged to the guest.
*this may vary depending on the villa

Private aeromedical transport (door-to-door service): we understand that if there are any guests who test positive, there might be the desire to return home immediately. We have partnered with Covac Global who will provide this service to those guests. Click here to learn more...

We stand ready to serve our guests. Come home to Tryall…you’re safe with us.

How we care for our guests