The Taste of Tryall


Game, set, match! The chefs are off to whet your appetites with a creative carnival of Caribbean and Jamaican foods. Are you ready to eat, drink, and be charitable? If so, join me in welcoming back the 10th staging of the Taste of Tryall “A Seaside Soiree”; the marquee event of The Tryall Fund, the philanthropic arm of The Tryall Club. We can all agree that Montego Bay’s private fine dining event has been missed. The Taste of Tryall is one of Montego Bay’s most anticipated annual culinary fundraisers showcasing the talent and versatility of The Tryall Club’s chefs. The affair promises to excite even the most discerning palette. Not only has the Taste of Tryall been renowned to offer an array of gastronomically pleasing cuisine, but the artistry in the Chefs’ displays and presentations is awe-inspiring.  

Jamaican & Caribbean Food

Let’s talk about Jamaican cuisine. While in Jamaica, there are a few dishes, well actually, several…that it could be deemed sinful (or even illegal) to leave the country without trying. Jamaican food is an experience! Once you leave the island, if you close your eyes and envision the dish/es you had, you will fall into a memory that will re-awaken your taste buds. Frankly, when choosing what to eat in Jamaica, you will discover there are limitless delectable options to select from, but you may get overwhelmed by the names of the various meals. No need to worry, this can act as your personal guide to experiencing some of Jamaica’s authentic meals.  

The national dish, ackee and saltfish is a mainstay across the length and breadth of the island and can be had with rice, ground provisions, boiled or fried dumplings, bread, or breadfruit (to name a few options). Some people will even replace the saltfish with corned pork, for an even more savory experience. For many, you simply cannot visit Jamaica without enjoying a plate of curried mutton or oxtail. Deep-seasoned, extensively marinated, and cooked tenderly to the point where the meat falls off the bone. Not to be omitted is the ever-popular jerk(ed) chicken (or pork, or sausage, or shrimp…jerk everything really), beef patties (or lobster patties, or chicken patties), AND!! Jamaican KFC. TRUST and believe, if you haven’t had KFC from Jamaica, life as you know it has not begun. Those who know…know!

At this point, it would not be a shock if you are salivating; and yet, there is still more. Take a walk with me to The Tryall Club Beach and Beach Grill here in Montego Bay. While you tuck your toes into the sand and soak up the sun, you may fancy indulging in some seafood. I mean, who wouldn’t? Order up and dive into a plate of some of our most flavorsome fish meals. Enjoy fish fried, grilled, or steamed to perfection…fresh from the Caribbean Sea. You can pair your entrée with other classic Jamaican dishes like bammy, breadfruit, or festival, and of course, a perfectly chilled Red Stripe Beer. The truly Jamaican beer brewed right here on the island. Should your stay on the island include touring and exploring other parts of the country as well, you will find your pick and fancy of well-prepared and most importantly authentic Jamaican food. Let me tell you, even the toughest food critic can become weak to the flavors and spices employed in our Jamaican style of Caribbean food.

Taste of Tryall: A Seaside Soiree

Named “A Seaside Soiree”, if you assumed there would be lots of fresh seafood prepared, your assumption would be correct. Some of Tryall’s world-class chefs will boast their signature dishes and creative fusion of flavors. You can expect a redesign of many classic Jamaican dishes, such as ackee, various soups and broths, and several different, yet equally delectable ways to prepare beef, chicken, duck, goat, lamb, pork, and seafood dishes. Of course, those of you looking forward to eating vegan and vegetarian meals will not be left out, as Jamaican chefs take pride in offering appetizing, full-course meals, catering to all dietary needs and restrictions. Taste of Tryall promises to rival any Jamaican fine dining event locally and internationally especially having not been able to stage their talent since the pandemic. The goal is to have patrons leave feeling filled, fulfilled and ecstatic about the next hosting of the event, knowing that they will be presented with some of the best food in Jamaica. When you do come and stay at Tryall Club, on your next visit to the island, rest assured that we will have a wide array of food options and unrivalled Montego Bay entertainment nights.


The Tryall Fund

While we would love to have you at this year’s staging of Taste of Tryall, we are cognizant that everyone will not be able to attend. Nonetheless, you can still make a difference by donating to The Tryall Fund. Most importantly, thank you to those who will be here, and know that your donations to the Tryall Fund are gratefully received and earmarked for assisting The Tryall Fund in achieving its mission. The Fund was conceptualized with the specific focus of supporting education, health, and welfare initiatives within Hanover, with some of these notably being the “Success by Six” Program, which focuses on the developmental needs of children in early childhood, the Scholarship Program, the annual Dental Mission, and finally to support the Sandy Bay Evening Clinic. The Sandy Bay Evening Clinic is the only evening clinic in all of Hanover Parish. These community initiatives, led through The Tryall Fund, amalgamate into a long-term development plan for current and future generations within Hanover. To donate, all cheques should be made payable to The Tryall Fund and sent to:

Merrill Lynch attn. Schur Group/Tryall Fund
8th floor, 360 Hamilton Ave.,
White Plains, NY 10601

We hope to see you on January 20th, 2022, at Taste of Tryall – A Seaside Soiree.


About the author

Juanita Grizzle is a Jamaican-born Sales and Marketing Associate for The Tryall Club. Using her deep-rooted cultural understanding and global travel experiences she crafts vibrant articles about Jamaica’s unique offerings and exceptional allure.