Tryall Lots

There are currently four remaining Lots for sale. Upon purchase of a Lot, the US$75,000 initiation fee will apply and construction must commence no later than 24 months after purchase. Annual membership dues are not required until villa construction is completed or 24 months after closing the purchase of the Lot, whichever date occurs first.

The construction season runs from 20 April until 17 December; no audible external work is permitted during the peak winter season. We are happy to recommend architects, interior designers and contractors who have had a long standing relationship with the Club.

LOT 27 & 42 - 4 acres

These two Lots which are sold together are directly opposite Zion Hill and Villa Lolita on Ocean View Drive. There is a limited view of the sea.

$800,000 Enquire Now

LOT 28 - 3.8 acres

Located on Ocean View Drive and close to Zion Hill, there is a good view of the sea and arguably the best ocean view of the Lots available. This Lot also has excellent level ground before the terrain slopes downwards towards the rear boundary of Hanover Grange. 

$760,000 Enquire Now

LOT 29 - 3.7 acres

Located on Ocean View Drive, there is a good view of the sea.

$740,000 Enquire Now