Wellness & Fitness

Tryall is blessed with a natural environment that is wholly conducive to a sense of wellbeing. To be surrounded by green in all its spectrum of shades, mature trees, flowering shrubs and the chatter of birdsong instills an aura of calm, peace and tranquility. Along our coastline there are many secret spots to retreat to where you can listen to the waves wash over sand or crackle over white pebbles.

There are numerous other ways in which your fitness regime can be maintained and enhanced at the Tryall Club.

Our 2,200 acres are ideal for early morning or late afternoon jogs together with treks into the hilly interior to work and stretch leg muscles.

We have a well-equipped ocean-facing gym which is conveniently located next door to the Tennis Pro Shop close by the Great House. Outside is a yoga deck and yoga instruction can also be arranged throughout the Club and in the privacy of your villa.

For fun with family and friends we offer basketball, football and volleyball and for those who prefer a gentler form of exercise, croquet on the lawn is the perfect answer.

Located close to the Great House is the Tryall Club’s Beauty and Massage Centre. Here a range of therapies are available including massage, facial treatments, body wraps as well as full hair and beauty services. The majority of these treatments can be enjoyed in the privacy of your villa.